Motor Controllers - OEM - Dual Channel

The OEM RoboClaw is designed to be integrated into custom products. A fully enclosed design and packed with all the same features as a standard RoboClaw Motor controller. All I/O and USB connections are brought out to PCB mountable headers. With a guaranteed service life of 10 Years plus, design your product once. The I/O header utilizes 2.54mm (.100") pin spacing allowing the use of commonly available female headers. The OEM Roboclaw motor controller supports limit switches, homing sensors, encoders and more.

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OEM Roboclaw 2x10A Motor Controller
OEM RoboClaw motor controller, PCB mountable for integration, 2 channel, 15A Peak, 10A Continuous per channel, 34VDC, dual quadrature decoding. Control from RC receiver, serial, analog, microcontroller or USB.
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Item: IMC446
Price:  $89.95