Motor Controllers - Industrial - 34VDC - Dual Channel

The MCP dual channel 34VDC motor controller series is ideal for OEM and commercial applications requiring a highly reliable motor controller solution with advance features. The MCP incorporates support for many quadrature encoders and absolute encoders types, along with auto-tunning. The Auto-Tunning feature utilizes advance algorithms, giving it the ability to easily perfect any motor encoder combination, from basic user input.

The MCP features user configurable I/O for interfacing with external hardware and can be automated with a built-in scripting language. It can be controlled by RS232, TTL, Analog, RC and CANopen inputs. The MCP also features the ability to directly control contactors and braking systems, a requirement for robot application, where safety is essential.

The scripting feature of the MCP and it's wide range of interface methods makes it suitable for operating with industrial control logic such as PLCs. Alternately, the built-in automation functionality of the MCP allows it to be used as a standalone solution.