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MCP263 Dual 60A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller
MCP263 Dual 60A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller

MCP263 Dual 60A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller

Item#: IMC503
Manufacturer: BASICMICRO
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The MCP series of high power motor controllers can be scripted using an advance motion control language. At the heart of the MCP is a 32Bit high performance Cortex M4 processor with DSP and FPU. The MCP can be configured for closed or open loop modes. A wide range of closed loop sensor are supported including potentiometers, absolute encoders, accelerometers, gyros and more. The MCP incorporates a high performance motion control intelligence which achieves high precision control and optimum motor performance in open or closed loop modes.

The MCP includes several user definable I/O which make the integration of limit switches, homing switches and other devices possible. In addition I2C and SPI are supported to connect external sensors. The MCP program language and mix of user controlled I/O eliminate the need for a secondary interface system in many applications.

With the MCP multi mode interface it can be controlled from CANOpen, USB, RC radio, serial devices, analog and or microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The MCP can be networked as slave or master using CANOpen.

The MCP's synchronous regenerative capabilities will charge the main battery during slow down or breaking action. The MCP can be configured to redirect the regenerative power for use with switching power supplies. The advance control circuitry allows full direction changes during full throttle without damage! The MPC series also incorporates a lithium cutoff mode to protect batteries from damage.

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