In The Beginning...

Basic Micro was founded in 1996 by two partners. The concept was simple, make easy-to-use products to create, inspire and teach! For over 19 years Basic Micro has been catering to artists, hobbyists, students and designers enabling them to control their world.

In 1996 we set out to make our first product, a PIC programmer. It was one of the first low cost PIC programmers available. This later evolved into a product called ISP-PRO which was the only programmer for under $60 with in circuit programming capabilities. This ISP-PRO was a very successful product with over 10,000 units shipped. However as with all things, nothing last forever. Microchips release of PicKit programmer made the ISP-PRO obsolete. It was a nice run while it lasted.

Around the same time of the ISP-PRO, MBasic was born. It was the first BASIC compiler for PICs that had a fully functional IDE and graphical debugger. After several years of MBasic development we decide to try a new approach to making microcontrollers more friendly. This idea inspired the creation of the BasicATOM.

The BasicATOM was a success and with this success we decided it was time to expand it to new more powerful processor families. The BasicATOM Pro was born. The BasicATOM Pro quickly found its way into robotics circles. With 32bit hardware based math, it was well adapted for the demanding requirements of robotics.


With the over 19 years of skills aquired in manufacturing and marketing, Basic Micro continues to innovate. Basic Micro operates as the parent corporation to several new companies in emerging and established markets.


Since 1996 Basic Micro customers have placed their trust in our products by applying them in a wide range of uses. You can find Basic Micro products in art and museum exhibits, monitoring control valves on offshore oil rigs, wirelessly controlling remote cameras in the Australian outback or even exploring the oceans in submersible vehicles.